July 23, 2009

What Did Adam and Eve Look Like?

Re. Genesis 2:14 - Out of the four rivers, two are familiar: Tigris & Euphrates. I remember learning about them in school.

Isn't it interesting now, that they flow through Iraq?

Both the christians & muslims prophesise that the Euphrates will dry up - the muslims go one step further and predict that the dry-up will 'reveal unknown treasures that will be the cause of strife and war.'

It's already happening. It's oil. The treasure is oil. What do you think the never-ending Iraq War is about?

Back to the Tigris-Euphrates rivers. So, my question is, have these rivers been around for 4 billion years? It's highly likely, yes. But did god itself name them so?

I think they were given names (or were already named) at the time the bible was penned.

I don't think god named Adam & Eve either. Remember god is a force of energy. Animal, human and plant Life forms came out of that force of energy (over billions of years okay? Stay focused.)

I think man - quite likely the first storyteller, the first scribe, named them Adam & Eve. If the story that has been passed down tells you that the first male human came from dust, you will name him Dust. Dusty. Dustin. And that's literally what Adam means.

So what did Adam & Eve really look like?
We're clasically conditioned to believe they were anatomically-perfect light-skinned blonde-haired things.

Although thankfully, for diversity's sake, there are some depictions of Adam & Eve looking like Uyghurs.

And some may think A&E were the original hippies.

But stay focused!

The first human beings on this earth looked like apes.
Therefore, Adam & Eve were apes.


  1. i am a pretty questioning christian.. i now have a personal theory that when God made humans in their image, was when whatever species (probably homo sapiens) was given a mind. that is, a mind that is intelligent enough to reason and stuff (as opposed to other mammals, who may have sense of what to do or when to do but not really sense of morals etc).

  2. Thank you for sharing your view. I've never (and probably will never) come across a Christian who will admit to me that the christian god they worship & sing praises to everyday is an ape.


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