July 23, 2009

In The Beginning

I only have one bible with me and i'm not going to compare & contrast with different versions. But you can share your version if you think it's supposedly more 'authentic', 'superior' and/or 'accurate'.

Our questioning journey will be based on this 'New International Version' which I have next to me. You'd be pleased to know it was Printed In China and that a portion of the purchase price (I thought all bibles are free?) has been "provided to International Bible Society to help spread the gospel of Jesus Christ around the world!"

Yes it came with that exclamation mark at the end.

Having said all of that, I admit I sometimes (okay, often) have a tone of sarcasm, but that's just me - let's not forget the ultimate goal here is to question & hopefully 'enlighten' ourselves together. I am no expert in the subject matter.

And also, as a good friend of mine once said, he'd rather people spend time & energy splitting hairs on what the bible says/didn't say etc than trade child pornography on the internet. I couldn't agree more.

So let us begin.

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