September 12, 2009

Original Sin of Adam & Eve in The Garden of Eden as Cause of Random Disorder & Law of Entropy

Remember when I was asking where did Cain & Abel get their wives from? And I figured they must have married a sibling since they were basically the first humans on earth, apart from Adam & Eve.

Yes I could have googled it and gotten instant answers [see pic at right]. But if I googled everything, that would interfere with the whole exploratory nature of this journey, wouldn't it?

I spoke to a staunch Christian friend recently, and yes, apparently it is widely known that Cain & Abel probably married their sisters.

The same Christian friend also agreed that Adam & Eve were indeed apes - they've been taught this since young. This was an enlightening moment for me! Here I was worried for nothing that the young christians of the world were hero-worshipping Caucasian-looking gods and first humans and all.

I'm still stuck at Genesis 4 and haven't gone past it yet. Today I came across this wonderful article which also explains the current topic we're on (which explains the title of today's post) - same questions being asked:
Q: Where did Cain get his wife?
Adam begat MANY children and some had migrated into the land of Nod long BEFORE Cain arrived and ‘knew his wife’. He simply married one of his ‘cousins’ who was ALREADY there.
There's a very good explanation as to why incest/ inbreeding was "OK" for the first humans:

...after “The Fall” and their expulsion from the Garden, the earth and the environment were still near-pristine. This accounts for their longevity (Adam lived 930 years) and the long lives of the early patriarchs as well. Genetically, they and their progeny were still near perfection (no mutant genes), which allowed the necessary intermarriage of near kin to populate the earth according to God’s edict.

There's more:

God just informed the “mud-people” they’re going to DIE (the Law of Entropy)! They would also know pain and sorrow: God told Eve (Mother of all living) that she would bear children in PAIN. Pain was something new too. (Genesis 3:16 - ‘… in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children; and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and [but] he shall rule over thee.’)

That her “desire” (not sexual in this instance) shall be to [for] her husband means that FROM NOW ON, she will want to be the BOSS (no offence, ladies). Naturally, because Adam blew it (his stewardship) back in the Garden when the Serpent tempted Eve. Where was Adam? Why wasn’t he looking after her? Then he blamed the whole thing on HER! How ‘bout that?
Love it, just LOVE it! There's more on pooping, sweating, and feminine intuition. Click here for the entire article.

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