January 13, 2014

I hope to come back

soon, to blogging regularly. It was always something I did for myself, a journal or reminder of sorts, of issues that are important to me.

I've just updated the look of the blog a little, the old look was getting... well, old. Picures on some of the old blog posts have gone missing and I cannot be bothered to replace them.  The new look now comes with social media "sharing" thingamajigs... little Twitter and Facebook sharing buttons and whatnot.

I've removed a lot of unnecessary clutter from the sidebar, and updated the blogroll. I'm glad to see one of my favourite bloggers is still blogging regularly - Ms Chor Lor's stories of being a transgendered woman in Singapore never fail to grip me. I read every last word. Her blog posts are equal parts fascinating, insightful, self-deprecating and yet real. I admire her for her strength, her bravery and mostly for her real-ness.

A cautionary note: If this is your first time here - this blog is going to be offensive to some of you (although I cannot for the life of me figure out why. Actually I do know why, but I'm not going to tell you HEH). If you don't like it, click that little 'X' in the top right corner, or go here. However, if you're still in the mood to be further offended but in a very nicely illustrated way, go here and here.

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